Why You Should Consider Lock Rekeying

Lock rekeyingManage Your Security Better With Lock Rekeying

Your entry door locks act as the number one security that is endowed on your house and business premises.  Therefore, it is important that as the owner of the house, the current occupier and as the business owner, you consider effective ways of maintaining your security.

The integrity of your locks is an effective security measure. This ensures you restrict unauthorized entry to your house, or business premises.

Rekeying Offers Maximum Security

Highly qualified professional locksmiths like Key Man Simi Valley encourage residents to consider lock re-keying as an effective security measure. This is after you have moved to a new house or office, suspected compromised key handling and requested rekeying services for maximum security.

Rekeying refers to changing the lock tumbler configuration in a key such that the original key cannot unlock the door. So what is the importance of considering re-keying? Let’s discuss this further

  1. Provides you With Enhanced Security

One of the reasons why you should consider rekeying is because you want enhanced security. Consider the case of moving to a new apartment or office. The previous occupier must be having a copy of the lock key. Therefore, to ensure you are safe and that your belongings remain in safe custody, you ought to rekey the door locks.

This is important from the first day you move in to the new house or office. Rekeying gives you maximum assurance that you have the only key to that house. Therefore, you should call a trusted locksmith to rekey your house. This way, you will be the only person with the key to the freshly configured locks.

  1. Re-keying is Cost Effective

Lock Replacement will cost you more than rekeying would. Therefore, compared to lock replacement, you could save a huge amount the moment you decide to go for house rekeying. You don’t have to change all the handles or hardware, therefore, it is much more economical.

Consider the high end lock handles that will cost you twice the amount you would have incurred if you were to go for a house lock change. When you choose to rekey the locks, you will save on this cost and therefore get more bang for your buck.

  1. Rekeying is Faster Compared to Lock Replacement

When you choose to replace the locks, it takes a lot more time compared to how long it takes for rekeying. If you hire a highly qualified rekeying locksmith in Simi Valley, you will save more on time and money. Therefore, it is important that you consider the option that works faster compared to the others.

  1. Re-keying Lets you Keep the Old Hardware

If your office comes with the older designer locks and handles giving your home the antique look, you definitely want to retain that look. Therefore, in this case, changing the locks would not be a considerable option. You would rather change the lock tumbler configuration than changing those handles and locks. Under such circumstances, rekeying the locks is important.

  1. Enjoy the Convenience of Lock Rekeying

When you choose lock rekeying, it means you will only need to carry the new lock keys and no longer need to carry the old ones. This comes with greater convenience provided you choose to have rekeying done by a certified locksmith who has experience.

Overall, rekeying is the best option when you have changed occupancy or your roommate has moved out, you want to have enhanced security and various other options. Would you like to experience professional lock rekeying?

Best Rekeying Options

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